July 24, 2008

oh yeah, weight watchers

I am still going to Weight Watchers meetings. It's been 17 months. In October I was down 18 pounds, but as of today, I'm only down 9. However, since Baby Love's birth, I've lost a total of about 20 pounds. On one hand I feel like I shouldn't pay Weight Watchers any more of my money and quit, but on the other hand, I feel like if I don't keep going to the meetings I won't be able to keep myself in check and accountable. To my credit, I am a stress eater and during October to June, my life was pretty stressful. So creeping, slowly, up nine pounds is okay. I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

The meetings have been motivational and inspiring. As a whole, I've become more conscious of the foods I put in my mouth. I've become a better cook and meal planner. I'm proud that I'm able to make healthy meals for my family.

I've found my way to an exercise lifestyle that I love as well. I crave my hot yoga and pilates classes. And I was super excited to learn last night that one of the teachers is going to start a morning hot power yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the fall.

Lately I've been at a lull in weight loss and it's been slightly frustrating. Challenges I face and have been working on: as funny as it sounds as an overweight person, I do not eat enough. This summer I have been working on making sure I eat breakfast. I've stopped drinking pop. Drinking more water. And I've been bumping up my cardio. We'll see what happens . . .

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