July 28, 2008

hello monday

We spent the majority of our time together in pajamas. I feel tired and sore today. But that's not to say we haven't been unproductive. We've done laundry which included folding and putting away, not just throwing piles upon piles onto the couch downstairs. We've cleaned and organized. We played store with the kids which makes me want to buy this even more. We've rested and lounged around too. We've researched ob/gyn's online and I think I've narrowed it down to one I would like to meet. We've snacked on too many pistachios . . . . salt and pepper pistachios actually. Yum! We've craved diet coke but settled for some flavored water instead. We dreamt of a massage and a nap. We are looking forward to this makeover weekend including hair cut, color and facial. Delish! We've made notes and lists for Maui (only 15 days away!!!). And started working on Wonder Boy's favor bags and goodies. We are enjoying the quiet of letting Wonder Boy watch his favorite tv show, Drake and Josh, and loving that the girls are upstairs playing with their doll houses . . . . together. Yes, Monday, you have been lazy and slow.

:: Shout Outs ::

Julie :: Have a great time in California and Happy Birthday (8/6) friend!! xoxo

Kristen :: I hope you enjoyed your day July 24th. I was thinking about you!

Amy :: Call me when you get into town. I hope we can meet and catch up.

Karin :: Happy belated birthday wishes. I hope my card got to you in time all the way down under. Kisses to Mr. Quinn. One day I hope to meet him in person.

Gayle :: Your invite for dinner and a movie (and skipping WW) sounds absolutely fabulous!

Kelly :: Who loves ya baby!?!?!?! Keep texting, it brightens my day. Miss you much!! Smooches to Emma and Lily.

Emily :: I friggin' loved your post!!!! Naked Batmans are awesome! Think about you often.

Mom :: I here by ban you from adopting horses/mules/donkeys/dogs/cats/any other animals until you design an exit plan . . . . . pronto!! Love you!

Katie :: I hope all is well. Good luck on your move. xoxo

Lisa :: I can't wait to meet JellyBean!

Amanda/Erin/Darcie :: Thank You! I'm proud to call you friends.

J-Man :: I love you!

Maui :: I can not wait to meet you!!! I'm counting the days.

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