July 29, 2008


This is Suzie . . . . . well, this is Suzie before her mouth and teeth decided to attack her. My mother came across Suzie's story not too long ago and has been trying to raise money for a much needed surgery to save Suzie's life. Costs totally about $3,500 dollars.

This is Suzie now.

This is Suzie getting help.

Many kind friends have stepped up in support of this gentle spirit. If you would like to read more about her story and her journey go to Suzie Lives. Every little bit helps . . . .

*Update: Suzie had her surgery and is resting and doing well. Her long journey isn't over however and funds are still needed to cover the cost.

*Update: (8-6-08) Suzie, unfortunately passes away after her surgery. She took a turn for the worse this week. Complications from the surgery? Went too long before getting the much needed surgery? Possibly. We'll never know. Thanks for all your well wishes.

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