July 15, 2008

get fit while you walk

Have you heard of fitflops? They are supposed to be magical flip flops that tone your legs, thighs and bottom while you walk. Well folks, it's true. I'm a sucker! This weekend I bought a pair, along with ten other women crowded around the little fitflop, hanger, display thingy with very sparse selection. All of us trying to politely get our size in the color we want before the others snatch it up. They are comfy, I can't complain there. J thinks they look a little weird. I bought a size up and I'm glad I did. Are my legs any toner? Is my butt any firmer? Who knows; it's only been a few days. I can say that my calves feel tired after I've worn them for a long time so maybe there is something to these.

1 comment:

Pat Wagner said...

If you are scrunching your toes with each step, you shouldn't wear them all the time. That's bad for your feet! You heard it here.