April 28, 2008

took this right before realizing her lip was really swollen

About two hours before I took this little video of Baby Love, she had fallen outside on the deck. She had a bit of blood in her mouth, but we wiped it up and washed her hands and she was raring to go right back outside. She LOVES to be outside, as most toddlers do. After watching her have fun in the sandbox, I realized her lip was pretty swollen and upon further inspection, her front tooth was slightly wiggly. I started researching online and kept coming up with all sort of scary things like baby root canals and dead teeth. My friend called right after I discovered it and she suggested I call the emergency pediatric dentist phone number. Which I did. The very sweet gal on the other end, calmed my nerves. We set up an appointment for Baby Love's first visit to the dentist. Tomorrow. The swelling has gone down and she's been on a soft diet since Saturday. Last night when I brushing her teeth, things looked okay, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed all will be fine.

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Stephanie said...

At one time or another both of Stacie's kids have busted their mouths and they each ended up with 1 'dead' tooth. They went to the dentist and it ended up being no biggie since they we're baby teeth, after a while there were (slightly)...don't freak! ;)... discolored but not too bad. It was the 1st tooth Tannner lost but at normal time and the new one is perfectly fine. Ahhhh, kids, if it's not one thing it's another! Hope all goes well at the dentist!