April 12, 2008

lost tooth . . . . literally

At three and half months away from his seventh birthday, Wonder Boy finally lost his first tooth. And by saying he lost his first tooth, I literally mean he lost it. Yesterday. At the park. Gone forever. Lost somewhere between the brightly colored play equipment and hog fuel that lies on the ground. Never to be found. Wonder Boy didn't seem too upset when he yelled "MOM!" and slid down the fireman pole with a lollipop in his mouth all in one moment. As he came running up to me with his two buddies in tow he told me lost his tooth. "Wow! Really? Where is it?" I asked. He replied, "NO, really I lost it and I can't find it." I told him to try to retrace his steps and see if he can locate it. With the excitement of playing with friends, he didn't try very hard to find it and was occupied running around. So I didn't worry about it too much. After we got home and things calmed down, Wonder Boy realized he didn't have an actual tooth to leave for the tooth fairy and broke down. Luckily, she left him a very nice note telling him the Tooth Fairy investigation team had found it and confirmed it was in fact his tooth.


Pat Wagner said...

Tooth fairies have been using DNA tests long before humans discovered it. Congrats to the big guy.

Gramma Pat

Stephanie said...

So cute, I love a toothless grin! Better luck finding it next time, surprisingly we haven't permantly lost one...yet... They are getting too big too fast!