May 3, 2008

kidmade, mom approved

With my newest adventure as a preschool teacher coming to an end, I was reflecting all the all the cool creative blogs I have been perusing for ideas to do with my little class of seven toddlers/preschoolers. Exploring art with children is pure joy and messiness. I was looking at some of my favorites just now and thought I would share.

Camp Creek Press - Book and Curriculum for the Artful Child

The Crafty Crow - a children's craft collective

a bit of this and a bit of that - a Montessori mom with a long list of loves

The Artful Parent - The intersection of art and parenting (also a nice list of other creative blogs)

Art for Creative Kids - inspiring creativity for children

scrumdilly-do - things to make, read & do for you and yer kidlets

Let's Explore - creative activities for preschoolers

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