April 23, 2008

ring the bell

So upon our first visit to the veterinary office with Angus, the doctor told me about bell training him. He told me to get a bell and hang in on the door. Then we were to teach Angus to ring the bell every time he needs to out to pee. Crazy I thought!! But I bought some ribbon and a couple bells to hang on the door. Every time we took Angus out, we had him ring the bell before we stepped outside. Although, it took him six months to go down the stairs (damn those short legs) he picked up the whole bell thing fairly quickly. He now rings the bell on his own to tell us he wants to go outside. Smart puppy!! Well, the other day I was flipping through a Real Simple magazine and I found this. Although mine isn't as pretty, it only cost me roughly 4 bucks. If you are thinking about doing this with your dog . . . . it really works.

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