January 17, 2011


Party season is upon us here at little irish headquarters. It's hard to believe but Miss Petite is going to be five in just two short months. 5!!! It's total crazy talk! I really haven't wrapped my brain around the whole idea of this pending milestone until recently when word of kindergarten registration came down the pike. Gulp!

Oh yes, it's true, signs of this have come into view ..... slowly. Like for example, we no longer have a car full of infant carriers and heavy duty car seats in the rear view mirror. Gone are the days of diapers and bottles and cribs and toddler beds and wet wipes and formula mixes and finger foods and pacifiers. Blues Clues and Dora very rarely visit our living room. Nothing is baby proofed. The gate on the stairs is to keep the dogs, not kids, out of the top level of the house. And, most recently, I realized, we officially grew out of 'months' and 'toddler' sizes. I now pass that little kid/baby section completely and head straight to the big kids where I can find sizes from 4 to 14. Streamline my shopping experience? Yes. Makes me a tad sentimental for all that baby love? Yeah, kinda. It's bittersweet on so many levels.

But, now, with this pending birthday so close, it's all really come into focus for me. The aging of my wee family and how childhood is so fleeting. Sigh.

But wait. I'm not sad, although, I realize this post is teetering there. You might be wondering where I'm going with this. Just had a lapse of direction there for a minute. Ok, ok, I'm getting to the point. The point. Yes, the point is that birthdays are cause for celebration. And celebration we do!

I've been collecting Raggedy Ann and Andy items for Petite Artiste's shin dig since her last party. My inspiration really comes from One Charming Party. I love the colors most of all. I think that is what really drew me in. The Party Dress has the same color scheme, just with a different theme. I love the red, white and aqua colors together. It's just so darn cheerful! Inspiration can be taken from both parties. I'm a visual peep. If I can see the big picture first, I am able to soak up all the little details. And, I love these two parties. Major swooning happening here.


Katie said...

I hated it when the girls were beyond all the darling toddler sizes!

The party idea looks darling and makes me feel a wee bit guilty for phoning it in yesterday with a Chuck E Cheese party for Eion!

little irish said...

I know....it was when we saw a really cute dress and then it hit me. We don't have kids that fit into this size anymore. Sniff. But it's good. I love the ages right now....they are more fun. And, everyone needs a Chuck E Cheese party once in their life. :D