January 31, 2011

dolly favors

 After slobbering all over this Raggedy Ann party I was inspired to give little dolls out as party favors for Miss Petite's fifth birthday bash. There is only one hiccup with that idea. Lovely in theory, but I don't sew. Last time I tried my hand at sewing, in fact, I broke the needle on the sewing machine. Bad right! Who does that? Apparently, me.

Then again, I could probably try and whip up some dolls, but I have a feeling they would look more like something from a horror movie. And, scaring all the kids away is last thing you want to do at a birthday party.

*My inspiration*

I asked my mother-in-law if she would sew up dolls for me since she is a way better seamstress. She graciously agreed. Yippee!! This will be no-doubt the most labor intensive party planning activity I have ever attempted. It's a big job! I am very grateful and overjoyed for the help.

My second hurdle is Raggedy Ann and Andy patterns aren't made anymore. I did some hunting and landed at one of my favorite sites: Etsy. Wouldn't  you know it, there were a few different options staring at me. I chose this 70s version and according to the very friendly Etsy seller, she is mailing it today.

Last night I headed to the fabric store and picked out some material for the doll dresses. I am very happy with my selections. Lots of reds, aquas and some whites.  

More to come.....


Jaimie said...

I wish I had half of your enthusiasm!!

little irish said...

It's fun and I enjoy the thrill of the hunt for anything surrounding a theme. :D

Scarlett said...

I like your choice in fabrics and I look forward to creating the dolls.

Maria Caraballo said...

were you able to finish? do you have any pics?

little irish said...

Hi Maria! Yes, we did finish the dolls and they were a big hit thanks to my MIL. I know there is a photo floating around somewhere, but it's been a couple years....I'll try to hunt one down. :)