January 18, 2011


Over holiday break, we took the kids "home" to see the grandparents. Mr. Hawthorne and I both grew up in Olympia. Many a nights, my teeny bopper friends and I would hang around the Capitol building being goofy because that's what all the cool misfits did. Not! Actually, there's not a whole lot teenagers can do around the old stomping ground without getting into trouble. And, getting into trouble wasn't really on my agenda probably because I was so not cool. So when the mall was closed, and the high school dance was over, and we had our fill of french fries and milkshakes, we would walk around under the lights of the government buildings.

Anyway, when you live near landmarks or great locations, you sort of take it all for granted. I would often forget that I lived so close to the capitol of the state I lived in and really wouldn't give it a second thought. The novelty wears off. At least, that's what I imagine people who live near Disneyland do.

Now that I don't drive by the site on a daily basis, my appreciation has grown. So on our way into town before Christmas, we stopped and took in the sites.  

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Mom2TnM said...

How I miss Olympia! I took my kids down there last time I was home...but that was in 2006. Love this post!! :)