November 7, 2010

raggedy ann and andy

One day I stumbled across a blog that featured very fancy birthday party pictures of a Raggedy Ann and Andy theme. Of course I fell in love. Shortly after I put up a couple shelves at the top of the stairs to house all the kids books, including my old childhood reads. Amongst them was a couple dozen Little Golden Books. We started reading them at bedtime and what do you suppose we find? Yes!
"Raggedy Ann and the Cookie Snatcher". And, like a jolt of lightening, those fancy pictures from that fancy birthday site flooded my frontal lobe.

Not more than a few days later, I happen to walked past a thrift shop's window. From the shelves these two were staring back at me as if it was a sign. However, I left them there on the shelves of the thrift shop. Trying to be frugal that day. But I couldn't shake the image of them sitting between gobs of candle holders and forgotten tchotchkes.

I decided that if a week later I drove back to that same thrift shop and the pair was still there awaiting my return. Then it was meant to be. I was meant to purchase them and bring them home. And, begin planning a fifth birthday party for Petite Artiste.
As you can Miss Raggedy Ann and one Mr. Raggedy Andy were quietly awaiting my return and the party planning began.

But it didn't really hit full stride. It's just in the beginning stages of being planned. More of a collection period really. After all, Petite Artiste's fifth birthday isn't until March. However, armed with an idea, I can come across fun things and save them. Which is what I like to do.

You might be wondering if I have birthday themes for Miss Divine (June) and El Fuego (August) too. The answer is....yes. Yes I do. I know it's so CRAZY!!! Some might think it's silly to have birthday parties in the works for a year. But I really do enjoy the planning of my kids' birthdays. I love anything with a theme!!


One rainy morning I pulled on my comfiest clothes and headed out with a dear friend to a tiny town to hit up a rather large antique shop. Because I have these party themes always in the back of mind, I tend to scan for items wherever I go. This rainy morning was no exception. I scored a Raggedy Ann Wilton cake pan, a twin sized sheet made into a bed covering that I'll use as a table cloth, a cute little framed print and a couple dolls. (The largest Raggedy Ann was mine as a child.)
And, yesterday at one of my favorite local Holiday Bazaars, I found this adorable little dress.
I am so excited!!!

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