January 19, 2011

bonjour mon ami

It was love at first site, I tell you! As soon as I laid eyes on this picture I was smitten. What's more, check out just how simplistically perfect the decor is. Major, major swooning here. Major!

You can find more adorable photos as well as lovely cake creations at Pink Peach Cakes. Love! You know what else I love? I love that this party was hosted in a studio. What a tres fab idea. Speaking of which, I have been dreaming of a "studio" of my very own.

Here's my idea. Mr. Hawthorne wants a shop to be handy in and to work on his muscle car project in. A small shop. Nothing too crazy (neighbors, if you are reading this). I want a space to be crafty in and to work on projects in. I'm wondering why we can't have both. We could build a shop out back that has an upstair/lofty area that can be accessed from outside (so we don't have to walk through a shop to get to).

Then, then!!!! I can host shin digs, birthday parties, craft nights, bunco parties (wink, wink). I'm dreaming of a wide open space with oodles of countertops and storage and a small kitchenette. How fabulous would that be?! Fabulous I say!

I dream.

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