January 30, 2011

blog crush sunday

After doing a little searching on Bing this morning, I happen to cross paths with two lovely blogs. Mrs. A in the Cove and My Life My Loves. They both call themselves 'mum' and live down under. Swoon!

I was actually searching for where I could get my hands on a few six packs of Santa Vittoria fruit nectar.

According to Mrs. A and Sharnel at Woolworth's. Trouble is, the last Woolworth store I remember was in the South Center Mall in the early 80s. It's long gone now, and so is the mall. So I'll be keeping my eyes peeled, unless I have a local peep who can tell me where to shop for these.


Judy Schwartz Haley | CoffeeJitters.Net said...

That just totally triggered a flashback to the woolworths where I grew up, complete with 50's style diner that had patty melts and the BEST milkshakes.

little irish said...

Totally....Loved the diner and ours had one of those photo booths like at a fair. So much fun. I bought my very first Strawberry Shortcake figure (Apple Dumpling) there. Memories....