January 25, 2011

pinwheel fun

In this age of evites and instant messages, I still love to make and send out party invitations. Especially for kids. Around little irish, we call it 'fun mail' and oh how we love us some fun mail. Who doesn't?! With birthday season upon us, party planning is on my mind. I try to dilute all the rambling here so not to annoy therefore I'll keep it brief. 

As I've mentioned, Miss Petite is turning five very soon. Her party theme is Raggedy Ann and Andy. Problem is, Raggedy Ann and Andy aren't very high in the popular cartoon crowd anymore. They are totally old school. I'm relying on a basic uniform color scheme to pull it all together. I love how aqua, red and white look together. And, what's more fun than pinwheels I ask. So there you have it.

The invitations probably need some pizazz I think but in order to keep assembly simple, I'm going with this version. It's cheery and fun. And, I hope the kids are excited when it arrives in their mailboxes.

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