March 24, 2009

offer shmoffer

I had a feeling as soon as I wrote about our house sale being stale, we would get an offer. I also said that now that I have plans for my best friend to visit in May, we would get an offer and be in the middle of selling, buying and moving when she visits. Well, I can call 'em I tell ya. As soon as both above items became true, we had an offer come in. However, it was quite a low ball and although I am very sympathetic towards this buyers situation, I am not, in any way, prepared nor willing to "give" my house away just because the buyer's situation is not ideal. Bottom line, we are going to try and buy a house in this very same market and we are trying to fit a family of five into a bigger house, so we need what is a fair price for our current home. And believe me, our counter offer was very fair. The buyer countered our counter with a teeny, tiny budge but it still didn't meet our counter. So we countered with our same counter this morning. Have I confused you with all the counters yet?? We wait. The good thing about this offer however, is the closing date. The buyer wants to close in mid June which gives us ample time to go house hunting ourselves.

In other news, I am totally addicted to Trader Joe's Roasted Gorgonzola crisp crackers. Yum, yum!! I can't get enough. They are delish and satisfy that need to be munching on something when I'm bored or anxious.

I am still computer-less. What we thought was just an annoying pop-up turned out to be more. I had several viruses including one "back-door" in which someone out in outer-computer-land could sneak into my system and steal passwords and account info and send malicious things out via my computer. Good thing I only use my laptop for emails, facebook, blogging and storing pictures. "Take that stupid computer-hacker-stealer-bad-person!!!! Let that be a lesson to you!!!" Mr. Hawthorne talks in his computer lingo that I can't understand but he seems to know what he is doing, so I leave him alone and wait for him to buy me a new laptop.


The Hip Homemaker said...

Good luck with the house stuff. We just sold and bought in December and it was chaos.

Erin said...

Thanks much! It is a stressful process that's for sure. As of this morning we are pending. So now the hunt for our future house begins. Oy!!

Love your blog by the way!!!! :D