March 6, 2009

it's friday

and I'm tired. The sun is shining brilliantly and I'm moping around the house. I think I'll take my shoes off....that's better. El Fuego did not have school today. Some crazy in-service day or something. I swear when I was going to school, we actually went to school on a regular basis. We dropped Miss Divine off and picked up El Fuego's new specs. The ones we recently picked out were just too small for him. They kept flying off his face. Literally, I'm not even kidding. If you looked at him sideways, they would just pop right off and land across the room. So a couple weeks ago, we went in and picked out a new pair. He found the same pair of frames only bigger and in green instead of red.

After picking Miss Divine up, we ran two errands. All four of us. What was I thinking???? Petsmart for dog food and Office Depot for a magazine file. Simple right?! Nope.

I often feel like I'm in the middle of a tornado. Bits and objects flying off shelves, innocent by-standers running for cover, pleads and cries for things to be bought, shopping carts abandoned in search of small children...we hit in a whirlwind of commotion and leave a trail of dust and confusion. It makes me sweat. It makes my head hurt. It's frustrating and exhausting.

At Office Depot, El Fuego announced he really needed to pee so we ran for the bathroom. For the most part our Petite Artiste stays close behind and when she can't see me, she'll yell "Mom! Where are you???" in a sing-song voice. An older lady out of nowhere started talking loudly at my newly three year old asking her "Where is your mama?!" and "Stay with your Mama, please!!" At first I just smiled at the old bitty, but then her constant little shouts of authority at my child started to really bug me. Then out of nowhere, she walked past me and said "She must be a real hand full!!" Maybe at that moment Petete Artiste looked unruly with her wild, un-combed curls and her little hippity, hoppity walk she does but she's my unruly haired hippity hopper and I don't need some old bat making any judgements about what is happening at that very moment. Because at that very moment it wasn't my child that was behaving like a hand full, but her and I was this close to putting her in time out for not minding her own friggin' business!!

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