March 7, 2009

i'm in a party mood

I came across DESIGN MOM last night and read about her most awesome Young Einstein birthday party. I can't stop thinking about it's simplicity and originality. This morning I made it my mission to talk El Fuego into changing his party request from Star Wars to an Einstein Science party. He's not giving in, but I've got until August to wear him down.

Miss Divine's birthday is in June and she's been asking for a princess slash Tinker Bell slash pink and purple slash fancy slash girlie party. I've decided what's more fun and incorporates all Miss Divine's soiree desires then Fancy Nancy in all her fanciness. Have you seen the books? They are adorably delish and Miss Divine eats them up cover to cover.

Now I must go work on our Petite Artiste's Strawberry Shortcake birthday thank you cards. Since she is such a little artist, I might let her design her own.

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