March 19, 2009

coming to you from downstairs

I am somewhat laptop is taking it last few gulps of air before it's dies. Mr. Hawthorne is trying to revamp it but I think we've hit a point where we just need to buy a new one. So I'm typing to you from Mr. Hawthorne's computer. Hello!!

These last couple weeks have been busy. The weather has been dark and soggy. The big kids' schedule's picked up tremendously with the added softball and baseball activities. I've also added a new experience to my weeks as well. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. I might share if I get a good grasp about my feelings on the topic.

Good news came in the form of my dear friend flying out to see me in May last weekend. I can not wait for her visit. I'm making plans for the two of us so she better be ready.

I also made plans to go see Heather Armstrong of at the end of this month. She is on a book tour and will be making a stop near my home town. I'm oddly excited and looking forward to the experience of meeting a celebrity of the blogger world.

The house sale has slowed down. We haven't had a showings for the second week. I'm eager to have this whole process behind us. I keep reminding myself that it took about two months for our last house to sell and that there is a buyer for every house. Not to mention the fact that we haven't found "that" house right for us either. I absolutely hate this feeling of limbo...always have. But, with the promise of Spring, the market has slowly started to pick up. Keeping fingers crossed.

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