March 24, 2009

going vintage

I always love spying new fabulous blogs. While perusing Etsy this afternoon, I stumbled across a couple shops I instantly fell smitten with. Bellalulu and 26 Olive Street, also where I found this adorable mirror for Petite Artiste's future bedroom. While browsing the vintage goodness from both of these shops, I discovered bellalulu had a fantastic blog too!! And, we all know how I love kid parties so when I saw this I squealed with delight. I love the cuteness of little honey bear bottles turned into party favors which bellalulu's blog so nicely sent us to the fabulous spot of soap making supplies. Which was also where I found these babies for El Feugo's science 8th birthday party (that I've talked him into - oh yes, I did!). Gawd! I love the internet!!!

Check out Sweet Eye Candy Creations too. I'm finding many "fancy" ideas there for Miss Divine's Fancy Nancy 6th birthday party.

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