March 30, 2009

a new week

Ever feel like your feet hit the ground running to catch up, but your brain is still back in Saturday? This is my state of mind today. Last Friday morning I stopped to get gas and like a big dork, I tripped over the hose while trying to step over it. With my foot tangled in the gas hose, my whole body came down to the ground, hitting hard. I jumped up hoping no one saw. I finished what I was doing and drove away. About three miles down the road, I realized my ankle was a little tender and from that moment on, it just got more and more intense until trying to stand on it, left me in pain. I'm pretty sure I sprained it. On Saturday I spent the entire day on the couch with an ice pack. Although today it's a little tender and I feel like I have a big charlie horse in my calf, I'm able to walk on it again. I'm soooooo relieved I didn't break it. What a set back that would have been.

El Fuego is on spring break this week but since Miss Divine is in a different school district, she is in school this week. I have grand plans to do a few special outings with my boy this week. We will see how it turns out. Today we are going to go pick out a brand new board game to play. He is very excited. Seven is the magic age for boys and board games. He is really into setting them up and making his own rules so that he always wins.

We started our official house hunt yesterday. We toured two houses. One was right around the corner from the house we just sold. (Is that weird???) It needs A TON of work from windows, paint, deck, finishing started projects, odd water pipes sticking out of basement walls, fence, carpet, a little something I like to call "the shower room", and lots and lots of elbow grease, etc, etc. But it has four bedrooms upstairs, a newly remolded kitchen, a huge family room and an even bigger daylight basement. I was amazed by all the space. We are not afraid of the work. In fact, it is sort of exciting to go into a place that needs mass amounts of TLC and fix it up. It's not that much different from this house when we moved in here. We think we could probably get quite the deal on it so the opportunity intrigues us. It is on our short list for now. The second house we saw just didn't have enough room for us....although it was bigger then our current home, it's floor plan was odd and the closet space was nill. We are a family that needs lots of storage. We have a house to look at this evening but I have a feeling although it will be lovely inside, it won't have all the things we are looking for. The search continues.

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