March 5, 2009


Some days I wish I had secretly written a book that takes off like wildfire. A book that brings much enjoyment to many and brings me loads of money. I'm not a novelist but I have tons of ideas floating around my head. I love to plan birthday parties for my kids. I don't like to plan parties for other peoples' kids. Therefore I don't want to try and become a party planner. Rather, I would love to design a book filled cover to cover with ideas for planning kid parties. Not just your run of mill, go the party store and pick up all the princess themed crap off the shelf. But real fun, easy to make yourself, cheap and fabulous ideas from invitations to games. Where does one start? One who has never, ever done something like that before?

Something else that has been on mind lately...what is with all these family centered shows on the TLC channel. Don't get me wrong, I love Little People, Big World and Jon and Kate plus 8. 18 and counting makes me a little sick to my stomach and the newest one (I've not seen yet), Table for 12. And what about The Real Housewives of so-much-friggin-money!! Real housewives my ass! That's not how real families live. Here is an idea for TLC. How about following an average, run-of-the-mill family around. Like mine for instance. (I'm just saying) Showcase the hilarity of regular things majority of families REALLY deal with. We don't all have couple dozen kids (thank-you-very-much!) and we don't have gobs of money to throw out the window. We have kids that write on the walls, dogs that chew up toys, trips to the grocery store that fail miserably, clothes that turn pink in the wash, blankets that get lost at bedtime, dinners that get made that nobody eats, accidents that happen at school, orange peels that get shoved behind TVs, tiny houses are lived in with refrigerators that break, mowing of ones own lawn, manners and family values trying to be taught .... real life. Maybe if an actual real housewife and her family of five (not 8 million) was showcased, viewers could relate and feel better about their own struggles.