February 13, 2009

two steps back

What is wrong with me? I have no idea!! I seem to be two steps behind everything I do lately. Sometimes I am on a blog roll and posts coming pouring out with ease. But sometimes, recently, I struggle just to get myself out of bed and kids to school on time, let alone post something. My mind is stale and I'm barely hanging on to all the things I need to get done.

Our routine has changed drastically as well. I no longer get to leave the dishes lay where they sit and pull clothes out of an unfolded laundry pile from the couch. Our mornings are a flurry of making beds, poofing pillows, doing dishes, cleaning sinks, vacuuming floors, fluffing, dusting, wiping and cleaning the house just in case an agent calls to show the house. I love having the house clean 24/7 but it does add an extra element of stress.

Did I mention our refrigerator broke a week ago? Yup, it did. We literally have been living without a fridge for a week. We have some milk and miscellaneous items in a cooler in the garage but that is it. No cold stuff. It's been a pain. We wavered on buying a used model off craigslist and dealing with all that includes, but decided to just call the fridge repair person...he or she comes tomorrow sometime between eight o'clock in the morning and five o'clock in the evening. Lovely!

Kid crafts, school parties and third birthday preparations have been occupying the majority of my brain capacity lately as well...I must admit. I signed on to be a party parent in Miss O's class and Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school required my attention. Luckily the class party was today and the shirts I made for the 100th day of school are done and delivered. Now, all the sudden I feel very tired.

Another time suck I have grown very found of is Facebook!! I love it!! I talk to my long lost friends, dear friends a long ways away and friends close by alike. It is fabulous!

Good news!! Miss O got a full day kindergarten spot and our Petite Artiste was switched from PM preschool to AM preschool. I am over the moon about how my schedule for next year is shaping up. What will I do with all that alone time I have no idea. The possibilities are exciting!!

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