February 25, 2009

heading to strawberry land

Last night I realized we have a third birthday party planned for our Petite Artiste this weekend. I have been buying Strawberry Shortcake supplies and stashing stuff away for a couple months now. But for reason, I kept telling myself we had two weeks until the actual party. Days are merging into each other, weekends come and go, and I seem to only really have a plan for the day until the day of. It's all been a blur. The good part about having our house listed is that it's already clean. Today I'm preparing a berry strawberry menu and finishing up the goodie bags. I'll post pictures later.

The house stuff is going. We have a very interested buyer but one half of the couple is worried about making ends meet. So they ponder and we wait. We've found a few places we like and we are going to take a some house tours of our own soon. I can't wait until this is all over. Continue to keep your fingers crossed for us!!

I bought a kids club card today for the gym. My plan is to drop the big kids off at school and put Petite Artiste into the kids club so I can hit the treadmill in the morning. By night fall I'm pooped. So I'm going to try and move my work outs to the morning time. This is also requiring some finger crossing. Mr. Hawthorne (aka J-man) wants me to sign up for a half marathon in June with him. I am warming up to the idea.

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Stephanie said...

The same thing happended to me with the birthday party, I realized yesterday that it's THIS Saturday... oops.

We just joined the YMCA, AND I've actually been going on a pretty regular basis.... just waiting for the weight loss part to kick in... :D

Good luck on the house stuff!