February 3, 2009

missing: little irish blogger

I feel like it's been so long since I've log into blogger that I almost forgot my password. A snowball effect recently happened around here...it started with the listing of our home for sale. All belongings and extra clutter were packed into boxes and hauled off to storage. My laptop has a nice little hiding place in a basket and I lost my desk/work space to the demise of staging. I spend every morning vacuuming, making beds, cleaning up little messes and hiding laundry instead of my usual blogging and surfing the internet.

Then one morning after all my chores were done, I pulled my laptop out, plugged it in, turned it on, poured myself a nice cup of coffee, and sat it down next to my computer. At which time, my very active petite artiste dumped something or got some sort of chemical out that made me run leaving my unattended cup of coffee and laptop sitting together. I'm sure you can paint a picture in your mind of what happened next. As I was cleaning up mess, my little artiste decided to help her self to a cup of joe and spilled it on my laptop. I've felt completely lost without my email and picture posting and zune downloading. It's oh so terribly sad.

It hasn't slowed my facebook time down though. I LOVE facebook. Recently people have been coming out of woodwork. Long lost friends from high school and part time jobs. Friends that live too far away to see on a daily basis. Cousins I haven't seen in years. It's downright friggin' awesome!

Some heartbreaking news came by way of having the house we thought we were going to put an offer down on slipped through our fingers last week. We had found a house in a great location hitting most of our needs and desires. It had been on the market since June of 2008. We though we would be okay to wait until we had an offer on our house to put an offer on that house. But some buyers from December took an old counter-offer, changed the dates, and agreed to buy it. Poof! Like that it was gone. So we are still on track with selling our house but now back to square one house hunting. Our list of criteria is pretty picky but we are confident something is out there that will meet our needs. We have a potential buyer coming through today and his agent is pretty confident he will put an offer down. We are crossing our fingers but not holding our breath.

The weather has been blissfully sunshiney. It also has been staying lighter out past five o'clock. Not much but enough to notice the change is coming. Both does wonders for my mood. I'm trying to arrange a girls weekend with my dear friend, Kelly, to San Diego late spring/early summer if we can both find cheap airline tickets. I value her friendship more then she'll ever know.

Miss O woke up with croup last night having a hard time getting air in. For a minute it scared me and I almost took her to the ER. But then I got my head about me and pulled out all the croupy tricks. She went back to sleep in our bed and woke up sounding horrible with loads of energy. She missed her field trip today and I feel terrible for her. She was looking forward to it.

In other news: a big shout out is in order for my long time mate from down under. Congratulations Karin of the birth of baby Callan...he is adorable!!

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Pat said...

Thanks! For the update! Appreciated!