February 28, 2009

it's getting pink in here...

Upon the realization of our Petite Artiste's pending birthday party on Wednesday, I have been in party mode the rest of the week. Shopping for groceries to gathering all the decorations to assembling goody bags has taken over the left side of brain. Today we baked. A very retro, home made birthday cake. I usually just order the cakes because they turn out so much cuter. But I hate the taste and mass amounts of frosting. So this time we decided to go all out and make one ourselves because after all it had to be strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Plus I found this candle ages ago. And I so remember having those little sugar add-ons when I was a kid.

Other items on the Strawberry Shortcake menu:
Strawberry and Feta, spinach salad
Strawberry sandwiches
Strawberry jello
Strawberry muffins
chocolate covered raisins
Strawberry treats
Strawberry Juice
berry flavored Talking Rain
Strawberry cake and Strawberry ice cream

El Fuego's observation: "It's very pink around here now!!"

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