February 19, 2009

the funny thing about selling a house...

is it sucks!!! No two ways getting around it. It's exhausting and stressful. This is our second time selling a house. The first time we had one child, two dogs and two cats. This time around we have three kids, two dogs and one fish. I relate the experience to being on a roller coaster of emotions. You are elated to get that phone call for a showing appointment. The call you have been cleaning, poofing, vacuuming, washing, fluffing, dusting, and wiping for. Then the showing time comes and you hustle three kids and two dogs out of the house and hurdle them into the car. You drive around stopping at the playground or McDonald's to kill time. You arrive back home after an hour or so and are hopeful. You might even spy on potential buyers and agents from the street above. Then you get an email informing you of things you can do nothing about, like trees!!, are making the house a no sale for the potential buyers. Up and down, up and down. Excited and hopeful can turn into disappointment and annoyance in an instant.

We've officially been on the market for three weeks tomorrow. Not too long. We have three interested parties. Two of which want to come back for second and third looks on Saturday. One of which are smokers and that makes my heart hurt a little that the possible new owners of my home for the last six plus years will plug up her lungs with black tar and cause her to age prematurely.

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