October 7, 2008

under pressure

My mood has been in the gutter these last few days. My head has been sooooo full of pounding pressure, I feel like it's about to explode any moment. Couple that with a touch of insomnia and I've been a walking, crabby zombie.

Currently I'm writing from my mom's computer ..... I had to drive down to have an ultrasound for my pending surgery. It was super quick so I was glad. I ended up keeping the kids from school today and we've all enjoyed a bit of rest and break from the norm.

After my appointment the kids and I helped my mom clean her house and then they made carmel apples together. I just sampled a piece and it was very tasty. Yum!

Shout Outs::

Julie::I hope things go well with your knee.

Wendy::Can't wait to see your new digs.

Amanda::Hang in there!

Carrie::It's been so fun reconnecting.

Amy::Thanks for the support.


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