October 16, 2008


Some days being a stay-at-home-mom can be very lonely. Sure, I am crazy, busy dropping this one off school, picking this one up from dance, taming this one's tantrum, getting this one to the doctor, helping this one get dressed, rushing this one there, cleaning up this one's mess, running this one to therapy, changing this one's diaper, trying to potty train the one with the diaper, waiting, shuffling, cursing, hugging, laughing, crying, playing, rocking, running, and never getting enough sleeping....

There have been times I've sometimes wondered how I manage to quietly, stumble through my days without ever really talking to another adult in person. And, if I just disappeared, would anyone notice? My impact on this world is so itty, bitty, tiny that if I were to just up and vanish one day it wouldn't make a huge difference. Nobody would care right?!?! I was there one minute, gone the next. Heck, nobody ever really knows where I am throughout the day anyway. My kids might wonder why they didn't get lunch or how come nobody told them to close the refrigerator door or flush the toilet for the millionth time however.

But then I'm reminded that I have really terrific, fabulous friends. Sweet women that give from their hearts and never expect anything in return. Friends that share midnight texts, drop off ice cream, shoes and house flyers; friends who go to the movies with me, exchange comments on facebook, call for coffee dates. Friends that are tipsy dancers, Karaoke singers, soft shoulders, wine poorers, laugh inducers, walking partners, understanding ears, inspiring warriors, fabulous mothers, trusting and kind-hearted people. Friends who have perfect timing when I'm blue and make me smile. Friends from the past, friends with shared histories and little inside jokes; friends who know my secrets. Friends who know what makes me laugh and cry and hurt and angry. My friends, my sisters, I thank you! Thank you for knowing my strengths and my weaknesses and loving me anyway. For the feeling is quite mutual!!

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