October 16, 2008

if we were related...

Last week, like every week, I dropped Miss O off for with her speech therapist for an hour. I usually spend the hour running to Target for diapers which translates to spending fifty bucks on crap. This time around, I didn't need diapers and I wasn't feeling the Target love affair I usually do. Baby Love and I took a walk instead. We landed around the corner from speech in a cute antique store. It's a huge warehouse type room with lots of little booths that individual sellers can display their goods. I overheard the owner and an older female employee exchanging mixed words (some not very nice) as they argued over moving some of the furniture. The cashier mentioned to me from the corner of her mouth, "they go at it like this all the time" as she rolled her eyes. Without the ability to censor myself, I asked if they were related to which the owner replied, "If we were related, there would have been a death!" I laughed. Out loud. Couldn't stop myself. And I didn't try.

Two days later, I received a card in the mail from my Maid of Honor and dear friend. Her note made me smile with just one word. I reflected on the mini conversation in the antique store and I thought to myself, this is what family is: Inside jokes. Shared tears. Trust. Laughter. Acceptance. Memories.

So Kelly! Thank You! You are family to me and I raise my "f@#!ing caaaazzmo" in your honor.

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