October 9, 2008

if i had a million dollars

I would buy this!!!
If we ever get into a bigger house with more space, I might be able to talk J-man into building some sort of playhouse for the kids. It's more of a fantasy for me but I'm sure they would love it too!! Speaking of getting into a bigger house....did I mention we were put on hold? With the economy tanking and our wallet being stretch to it's limit; after all the work we put into getting the floors redone, the master bathroom remodeled, the house painted and deck re-stained, the new roof and the windows replaced, the carpets cleaned, and 80% of all our belongings put into a storage storage unit we were forced to stop and take a holding pattern. The good part, our house is almost empty and clutter free. I have been going through clothes and toys and old crap we've been hanging onto for those "what if" reasons and tossing it or donating to Goodwill. You know when you are barely hanging on with the tips of your fingers and you finally. Just. Let. Go. it feels so good. Freeing! I've been applying this principal to many of aspects of my life recently and it's made me feel so much better.

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