October 8, 2008

big picture

I've been thinking about the nienie family a lot these last few days. I don't know Stephanie aka "nie" from Arizona at all. I stumbled across her blog about a year ago via Emily. A few months ago, Stephanie and her husband were in a plane crash ...... they both suffered burns and were put into sedated comas. The third passenger on the plane died shortly after the crash. The couple have four children all under the age of six. After the accident they all went to live with their aunt and large family in Utah. So I've been following the story and updates on Stephanie through her sister, CJaneRun. My heart broke when I saw their youngest son celebrated his second birthday away from his mom who is still in a coma and unaware and how amazed his father (just coming out of the woods) was only able to chat with him over the phone. I'm positive Mr. Gigs is surrounded by much love and happy birthday goodness. But it just really brings the point home yet again what is really important in the big picture, the grand scheme of life. My many thoughts goes out to this young family for a recovery and togetherness very soon.

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