October 23, 2008

all ya need is love

Lately my kids love sandwiches because we've discovered these fun crust-less sandwich cutters. The girls request "heart" sandwiches daily while Wonder Boy likes the "four quarters".

These have been so great especially for Baby Love who desires nothing to eat besides 'pips' (chips), 'wollypops' (lollipops), 'canny corn' (candy corn), 'coocoo cuffs' (cocoa puffs) and 'milk' (milk) so having a fun shaped sandwich is totally stellar.
I've been finding theses fab cutters in groceries stores but you can go to the Mom Inventors website to pick up a four pack on the Good Bites decrusters. The dinosaur cutter is not one of the Good Bites brand. There is no name or logo printed on it and I've long since thrown away the packaging, but I've seen them at Safeways and QFCs and even Walmart (gasp!!). You can find them at HearthSong (a favorite kid catalog of mine) as well.

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