January 26, 2012

dancing girl

Petite Artiste is in her third year of dance classes. She loves everything about it!

Parents aren't usually allowed to sit and watch. It's distracting to the kids and makes teaching harder for the teacher. Every session of classes, however, there is an observation day. The parents/families/friends get to sit in on a class and see how their little dancers have progressed.

Miss Petite seems to glow in everything she puts her mind to. Dance is no exception. She hangs on her teacher's every word and follows her new steps as best she can. It's very cute to watch.
Another parent wrote me a note about a recent art project she helped with in Miss Petite's kindergarten class. Mentioning how much my girl "needed" glitter.

My reply: "this girl was born with glitter in her veins."

From her head to her toes....

I really believe that is true.

She is one sparkly kid!

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