January 4, 2012


Every time a brand new Pottery Barn Kids catalog comes through my mailbox, I get an itch to decorate my childrens' spaces. I thumbed through the newest version and then I found myself in Petite Artiste's room around six pm last night rearranging her furniture. That is right. The last night of winter vacation, when everyone was due to return back to school and work the next day. I'm knee deep in dress-up clothes and toys. It's a sickness. To my defense, however, her bedroom walls were painted over the break and I had yet to hang her pictures up or move her things around to perfectly suit her needs. It takes me a while to find that balance of function and cuteness. I tend to move things around three or four times before I like it.

This brings me to the reason for this post. This very first post of 2012. The new year. Which I dragged my feet on writing because I was feeling a little off about putting anything down in black and white. For fear it would be a major snore fest. Should I start with the obvious? Do I write about resolutions? How we wrapped up 2011? My plans for life? My opinions of the presidential candidates? Oh the pressure!

The new year always feels like a fresh start. A reset if you will. Want to know a secret? I sort of loathe making a commitment to resolve anything. Truth is, what I dislike most about making resolutions for myself is the let down of not succeeding. But, like the furniture in my home, I'm always changing it up. Playing around with what works better for that time or place. I strive towards goals of simplifying, organizing and happiness pretty much all the time.

So! Dear new year. I hope we see you through and you don't end like Nostradamus predicted (har har!). And, for the first time, in I don't know how my years, I am NOT striving to lose weight. Which feels pretty fantastic!! I'm expecting 2012 to be a super year full of new challenges and adventures.

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