January 23, 2012

climate shock

As soon as I stepped off the plane from ten days in Costa Rica, I was greeted with cold and snow. Talk about a climate shock. Warm rainforest to freezing white stuff. It was hard to be motivated to get out bed even. Then, we lost power and the whole town shut down. School was cancelled and heat was elusive. I was not a happy camper. The kids loved it until around hour eight without power. They got bored and I wouldn't let them go out to play in the snow, because we didn't have a way to get warm again. In the end, we survived. The power cam back on and kids went back to school. I'm getting myself up and begrudgingly have started chores around the house. Coming home after vacation is great, unless four people and two dogs continue to live in your house while you are gone. I'm a clean up crew of one today. Sigh.

(Petite Artiste doing the happy dance)

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