January 8, 2012

costa rica : day one

We boarded a plane on Saturday evening and woke up at 6am on Sunday to the sun rising over Costa Rica.

Once we landed, we hit the road running. Meeting with the very kind woman whom is hosting us this week. Her cabin retreat is really great!

The three hour drive to get here from the airport is brutal when you've barely slept the night before.

The open air restaurant overlooking the Arenal Volcano totally makes up for it though.

And, the weather is downright super. Just what I needed after freezing my tail end off for the last nine months. Spending the afternoon in a t-shirt was heaven!!

Three hours seems to be the theme for just about anything around here. We were due to go on a trail ride but it took three hours to get it organized and on way. And, the ride itself? You guessed, it was three hours long. That's about three hours longer than I've spent on the back of a horse since 1998 but I have to say, it really is like riding a bike. My good boy took care of me and did everything I asked even if he really didn't want to. The terrain is extremely rough around these parts which made for ouchy horse toes.

We saw lots of these along the way. Plus one three toed sloth that hung upside down in a tree for us all to see. I'm looking forward to seeing more wildlife.

Now I have to tuck myself in because I am wiped. Not having slept in an actual bed for forty-eight hours can really wear a sister out!

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