January 11, 2012

costa rica : day four

Today was spent on a pontoon boat on the Rio Frio river, just shy of Nicaragua. Being able to see animals and birds of Costa Rica up close was really fascinating.

Last night I had some connection difficulties and wasn't able to upload pictures. Day 3 will have to wait.


Splendid Willow said...

You are in Costa Rica!!! Lucky you!

I went down memory lane and saw that YOU Ms. Erin was one of my first friends to leave a blog comment. I know that it made my day!

You shoud have a royal spot on my blog roll.

Happy vacation and a play date for our girls is a must - soon.

Love, Mon

little irish said...

Had the time of my life. I hope to post more soon when home. Internet connection in the jungle is dicey. :D

We would love a playdate. Hope all is well!

Stephanie said...

What's that squatty little bird with the huge beak called? I'm a little in love with him... ;)

little irish said...

I know, I heart him too. I can't remember what he was called. I thought he looked so wise and grumpy sitting there. Almost like he was plotting the world's demise. :D

Katie said...

What beautiful pictures! It makes me want to go on an adventure!