November 30, 2011


The big surprise for Mr. Hawthorne

was his very first parakeet!

Meet the newest addition to our zoo. This little guy has yet to find a name perfect for himself. We've tossed around Packer (as in Green Bay Packers) because of his coloring. And, Larry for Larry Byrd. Funny right. Currently, since I've been at home with him, I call him Chirpie or Birdie because that's just what comes out of my mouth when addressing the fellow.

I found some fun parakeet informational videos on Youtube today. The sounds of other budgies had our guy going crazy. I felt bad for getting him all worked up, but it seemed to snap him out of his funk. He had been a ball of nerves and not eating. But after Youtube, our guy has flown around in his cage, chirped for his video friends and ate. All good signs.

The kids are ga ga for the chirpinator. I'm afraid the lot of them are going to scare the poor bird to death. I can't imagine what three crazy, loud kids and two dogs are doing to this bird's heart.

Wish us luck because we might just need it!

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