November 21, 2011

gobble and other ramblings

Hello my fantastic friends!

It is Thanksgiving week around these parts!!

Here are three reasons I'm so happy it's Thanksgiving week.

1. Mr. Hawthorne is on vacation.

2. Painting and projects are being completed here at casa de little irish.

And, 3. I am not cooking a Thanksgiving meal.


Truth be told, I got limited sleep last night and I'm feeling the drain. It's not like anything terrible was happening for the lack of REM hours. I just stayed up too late. And, I wasn't even watching good TV or movies. I was just dinking around. I guess I was just happy Mr. Hawthorne wasn't going to work, that I felt like I could burn the midnight oil. In spite of my good spirits I am feeling pooped and knowing the kidlets will be arriving home soon is exhausting to think about.

However, I did manage to get a huge task completed. I cleaned and organized El Fuego's bedroom. It only took me three days but I finally finished the job. Phew! I tend to go in about once or twice a year to do a MAJOR overhaul on my boy's sleeping space. It never fails to amaze me how gross his bedroom is. Garbage, food wrappers, unidentifiable objects, broken pieces, little doo-dads that don't make sense, outside trash, dusty what-nots....I swear it breeds in the dead of the night and multiplies. Together we filled a huge black garbage bag of junk, and today, I took out another kitchen sized trash bag. I feel great about the decluttering, removing outgrown toys and all the cleanliness organization that is going on in that bedroom as I type. Crossing my fingers it stays that way. Heck, you can cross your fingers too, because I'm pretty sure we'll need it.

The weather isn't helping my energy level. Woke up to a down pour this very gray and dark day. It's currently working its way to complete darkness and it's not even dinner time yet. But, Mr. Hawthorne is painting Miss Petite's bedroom in a bright bumble gum pink much to Miss Petite's delight. I'm hoping it cheers up the environment somewhat.


What are your Thanksgiving dinner plans?

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