November 29, 2011

happy birthday

Today is Mr. Hawthorne's birthday!

The kids are bursting at the seams to give him his gift. We've been planning this gift for a couple weeks. And, let me tell you, kids keeping secrets, especially secrets they are very excited about, is no easy task. I've done a lot of side stepping and making loud noises when I hear certain topics spill out of little mouths.

Some time in the wee hours of last night, Miss Petite snuck into bed and snuggled next to me. She whispered to me about her thoughts on Mr. Hawthorne's gift. Luckily, he was sleeping and didn't hear.

When they got off the bus this afternoon, all three, in unison, asked about "the gift" and ran to the house to see.

It's all very sweet.

I can't tell you what the gift is just yet because Mr. Hawthorne will read this here blog and the surprise would be ruined. But I can tell you, that we are waiting in anticipation for his arrival home this evening. We have dinner and dessert planned and, of course, the GIFT!!

Happy Birthday to my handy hubby, Mr. Hawthorne!
We love you bunches!

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