November 19, 2011

movies and more

Alright, I will admit it, I'm a sucker for the Twilight Saga movies. I've read the books, I've been to Forks WA, rode on the Twilight tour and I buy the DVDs (in blue-ray even). And, when a new movie comes out on the big screen, I might, might!, have bought my tickets a month in advance. Maybe! I'm not openly admitting to that one.

Am I a Twihard? Did I pick a team? No, I'm not that crazy. Geez! I do love the hype. I enjoyed the books. And, I could have been standing in line on a Friday morning waiting to get good seats at the movie theater. It's all in good fun though. I swear! Boy, am I ever glad we decided to forgo the crazy midnight showing of the latest installment. We went while all the teenybobbers were in school and it was only the crazy adults who took time off work and SHAMs. Plus, we got discount tickets. Woot!

I happened to be browsing a favorite shopping haunt with all their fun Christmas decorations out, and I stumbled across some super fun peacocks. Miss Divine has decided peacocks to be the theme of her ninth birthday party. (In June....yes, I know.) So I bought this cute table decoration and some adorable, glittery peacock ornaments on the cheap for cute party favors. This same store is also always abundant with Scottie dog treasures, which Miss Petite thinks she wants as the theme of her soiree. I love it when things are easy.

With my rearranged guts, there are some medical precautions I have to take into consideration. Although I'm not a big jewelry wearer, I have been trying my best to wear my newest piece of jewelry every day. I love these medical bracelets because it just looks like you have a pretty bracelet on. And, people don't ask me what is wrong with me because they hardly ever notice the medical ID tag. But, I have peace of mind that if I pass out or get hurt, medical staff would see it. I love lauren's HOPE!

My handy hubby is on vacation this week and he has promised me he would paint at least one bedroom. I'm very excited. The walls in this house probably haven't been painted for a decade. The wear and tear are showing. The smudges are too much. Since moving in three years ago, he has painted a majority of the walls downstairs, but I've been itching to paint the kids' rooms and decorate. I think Miss Petite's room will the first since hers is the easiest to do.

I'm very happy to announce that my washer and dryer are officially back in business. Some might remember they were both in various degrees of breaking down not too long ago. The dryer gave up the ghost completely in the midst of our flu pandemic of 2011 so I was hanging bed linens and various items of clothes about the house to dry. When kids are throwing up, one can easily forget to appreciate their washers and dryers. I, for one, am very thankful I have a set that are in full operating status again.

That pretty much wraps up the news from here. Not all that entertaining I know, but I'm trying to be better at posting regularly again. I'm debating a drastic hair cut and I have a pending eye appointment so stay tuned for all that excitement!! (wink, wink) Until then, hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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