November 3, 2011

shields up, the flu has invaded

My dryer decided to stop blowing hot air. Again. I discovered this right after I washed a load of dark clothes. Dark clothes including the only two pair of jeans that currently fit and don't make my hiney look flat and saggy. Major bugger. So, for two days I've had my laundry hung over heater vents around the house.

Then last night my youngest threw up in her sleep. As you might imagine, but I won't go into the gory details, it was a right fine mess. What a time for the dryer to give up the ghost huh. The upside about this situation is the bedding hung up around the living room makes for a clean fresh smell that totally beats the smells of sickness.

My weapons of mass destruction on this day include bleach and Lysol. I refuse to get sick yo! My Kung Fu is strong and I've been disinfecting every surface possible. I haven't been out of the house for two days if you don't count that quick trip to the drugstore for children's Tylenol.

Which by the way, did you hear children's chewable Tylenol had a recall? I had no idea. I went looking for chewable and there wasn't any on the shelf. They still have liquid children's acetaminophen available which I purchased. However, when I went looking for information online about the recall, I couldn't find anything current. Just some articles from almost a year ago. Odd.

Before the tragic flu epidemic started to infiltrate my homestead, I started the week off with a trip to the local salon. I've been chatting about getting my hair cut off for a few months now. One down side about losing weight so quickly (and a side effect of surgery) is hair loss. Luckily I had some to spare. But the annoyance of the hair always falling out was really getting on my nerves. I wasn't brave enough to get it all chopped off though. I went as short I was comfortable with (chin length) and I'm pretty happy with it. I needed a hair reset big time. And this new short (thinner) do takes no time to style. Bonus!

Here's what I'm super excited about: daylight savings. An extra hour of sleep is going to do me just fine. Dragging my bones out of bed this last month has been a challenge and a half. Trying to get three sleepy people out their beds hasn't been the most fun either.

Until then, here's hoping you soak up as many sun rays as you can.

And, don't forget to set your clocks back this Sunday!!

Happy Thursday!

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