September 12, 2011

peter iredale

On the eve of our last night of our super duper glamping trip, we headed for the beach near the 1906 shipwreck of Peter Iredale.

What I loved most about this summers trip, right before the start of school, was all the hands on learning we crammed in. Sort of by accident and sort of on purpose. Especially since El Fuego's year will be jammed packed with a lot of the things we saw in person which makes the learning even more relevant.

I could never ever be a home schooling parent with my own children. Even though I was a kindergarten teacher back in the day. I would way suck at it!! I know this about me. But, every now and again I get faint little glimpses of home schooling and learning. And, it makes me feel good. My only wish is that it makes the kids feel good too.

After examining the abandoned bones of the Peter Iredale ship, we played in the freezing cold water until sun down. Then we warmed our toes by the campfire, eating s'mores.

All the kids feel asleep in their camp chairs while watching the fire glow shortly after.
And, I made up a story about the Opossum that visited our glamp site.
It was a sweet ending to summer vacation!

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