September 8, 2011

my new motto

I read somewhere, somewhere I've long forgotten, a cute line: "When life gives you dressers, find room in the garage."

I won't lie. As soon as my eyes skimmed that little nugget of wisdom, I've taken it to heart. Luckily, my handy husband actively participates in this dresser obsession. It's not just any dresser though. It's the cheapest, most forgotten dresser we can find. Free is the best. But sometimes you find sad, dirty pieces at garage sales. Which is where Mr. Hawthorne found this one for ten smack-a-roos. To which he texted me about purchasing. And, I quickly responded "YES!"

Let me tell you, this dresser was in sad shape. It was dirty, missing a knob, had an old bra and a pair of pantyhose stuck behind one drawer, inhabited by a spider and had these horrible labels plastered on each drawer. Yuck!

Mr. Hawthorne cleaned and fixed her right up.

However, this post isn't so much about taking an ugly dresser and giving it a new life. It's more about the inside.

I happened to come across a fun way of using fabric as drawer liners a while back, but since then lost the link. When I searched for it I couldn't find it, but I did find


I followed her instruction and got myself some Fabric Mod Podge which I'm so glad I did. It did make a difference in cutting and placing the fabric. The only thing I wasn't sure about from her tutorial was if she put the Fabric Mod Podge on the front or back of her fabric. I used mine on the back.

Then with a pattern cut out of wax paper I lined all the drawers in fabric and regular Mod Podge. It worked like a charm.



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