September 5, 2011


Our last summer adventure was at Fort Stevens State Park. This was the first time we reserved a it was more like glamping than camping. We didn't pitch a tent, or sleep on the ground. We didn't pack a cooler or bring a cook top. In fact, we shopped at the local grocery store to fill the refrigerator. That's right, a refrigerator!!! This was my kind of roughing it!

We even had a TV. Yes, a TV. A few DVDs played made for happy kids.

A separate bedroom for the kiddos. Sweet peace!!

And here is the very BEST part.

Wait for it....

A BATHROOM!!!! Complete with running water, a shower, and a potty.
I owe everything to this bathroom for my morale during this entire camping trip. To be clean and warm and not having to hike to the communal restrooms was pure magic.

I will go as far as saying this was the best....yes, THE BEST camping trip we've been on thus far.

Fort Stevens is a great state park and the activities near by was quite enjoyable.

We had lots to do everyday.

And much fun was had by all.

It was a great way to end the summer!

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