September 27, 2011

the good and the bad

Ok, wait....wait....I should reword that. It should read the bad and the good. End with a positive. Makes me feel better at least. So let me tell you friends. I did really, pretty much, nothing, all day long. I did take a shower, so that is something I guess. I'm feeling slightly guilty however. Today was not the most productive, and here's why.

the bad: Skype didn't work this morning. The sound was completely gone. No matter what I tried, I couldn't figure it out which was very annoying. I spent the better part of the morning rebooting, installing updates and clicking on every darn button I could think of to get the sound to work.

the good: I was able to see my bestie bff. She lives in Michigan. And wouldn't you know, even without sound, we could still get each other's jokes and crack ourselves up until potty breaks needed to be taken. It was like a silent humorous film. You know before talkies were created. What is the capital of Ohio you ask? Why "O" of course!! *snicker*

the bad: I spent all day waiting on a craigslister. She emailed, she called, she was later than she said. I was stuck at home. Waiting the day away.

the good: The bed I have been posting and reposting is finally not living in my living room anymore. She didn't even dicker with me on price. She (finally) came, she looked, and she loaded that baby up.

the bad: The doggie groomer shaved my dogs' scottie skirts off per my request and I'm not so sure I like how they look.

the good: The doggies are clean and smell good again even though they look like little piggies with beards.

the bad: It seems to be I don't have any clothes that ever really fit. Oh sure, I did just buy those jeans two days ago but today, they are baggy. And, that fave sweatshirt that I wore last week, now looks super sloppy. Oh, and my raincoat feels like I'm wearing a tent.

the good: I'm down 75 pounds.

the bad: People think my new TOMS shoes are ugly.

the good: The purchase of my new TOMS shoes helped put a pair of shoes on a shoeless child somewhere in the world. Plus, they are super comfy. What's so bad about that??

the bad: The weather has turned sour. Rainy, cold and gray.

the good: My children stay inside the house so I don't have to worry about them getting into trouble around the neighborhood.

the bad: The weather has turned sour. Fall is here.

the good: I LOVE Fall!!!

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