September 26, 2011

hello monday

So our Indian Summer was very short lived and we are back to the rain of the Pacific Northwest. No surprise there. And, how very boring of my to start out a post with the weather. Yawn! I sort of love today though. It is mellow and the house feels cozy and the kids are all at school. That right there is cause for a celebration.

Oh you know I'm teasing.

Mondays are really my favorite though. They weren't always. I used to loath Mondays when I had to get up early for school or work or some other task I really didn't want to do. Mondays used to be about moaning and mourning over the lost weekends. But no more. Those days are gone. For now anyway. 

Sure, sticking my feet out from under my warm covers and greeting the day before the sun is up is a little tricky during these dark Fall and Winter months. However, I find peace in knowing that very soon, my family will be off to their adventures in learning and computer programming. And, I will be left with peace and silence. Right now, I love that about my life.

Every weekday provides me with this same love affair of solitude except for Wednesday afternoons when the kids get out of school early. Yes, every Wednesday. I'm not a fan of Wednesday afternoons. Nope, those days are not my fave. The other four days make up for Wednesday afternoons though so it's okay.

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