July 19, 2010


I came across one little minute's Project Repurpose via DesignMom a while back and I was instantly smitten by the idea of taking clothes that are out of date or ill-fitting and making them fabulous.

My very own Divine Miss O has been growing like a weed. So fast, in fact, it's proved difficult to keep her in a pair of pants that fit. And, if they do fit her long enough around the waist, she ends up wearing the knees right out of them. With summer time upon us and being as frugal as I can, I decided I would try to repurpose some of her holy-knee jeans into shorts, or maybe if I'm feeling really lucky, a skirt or two. But I don't want to jump ahead of myself. I am not a sewer. I sort of pretend I am with my second hand sewing machine, hoping for at the very least a straight line. Here's my first attempt:

Holy worn out knees.
I simply just cut the legs off.
Then I sewed some ribbon along the bottom. Up close it's not pretty. But it should last her through the summer.
I found the flower ribbon tutorial at Maize in Montana. Very simple and cute!

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Stephanie said...

I sew or cut or add things to so many of my kids' clothes to make them fit better, last longer, go into a new season... But alas, the crafty, recycle-y me never thought of this exact project, perfect for little girls clothes. So many things to do now, lol!