July 23, 2010

four hours later

From the moment we moved into this house with our two and half month old puppies, the light colored Berber carpet in the family room has been a sore spot. Most of the first level of our home is wood floors with the exception of the sunken living room with it's wall to wall carpet and the family room which this carpet square. For the life of me, I can't really figure out why they actually put the carpet square in. Why not just make it all wood floor? But I think this was the thing to do in 1979. To make it look like there is a rug in the middle of the room without having to deal with a rug.

I wasn't the only one mystified by the carpet square. The puppies did not fancy Berber carpet at all. They would tug at one little loop and the pull out a long string of carpet. It would happen in a blink of an eye. Not to mention two and half month old puppies are not very reliable about their potty needs and this very light colored carpet took a beating. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it clean. And after the millionth time of trying to shampoo the heck out of it, I had it.

I complained to Mr. Hawthorne and he, being the handy husband he is, fixed my dilemma. He came home after work with a fancy new pad and new carpet. And, not only did he bring me home an answer to my problem, he also installed my new carpet. Just like that. Four hours later, my family room was sparkly and smelling so much better.

Old, light colored, stained, stinky Berber carpet. Yuck!

Good bye smelly pad.
Mr. Hawthorne cleaning up.

New fancy pad.
El Fuego helping daddy.
New carpet! Yay!

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